These Two Ways Can Help You Get The Right Temperatures In The Bedroom

Using air conditioner is mostly done by everyone because the air is getting hotter and many people need a cool room to make their sleep more comfortable. However, if the air conditioner you have is damaged, you can visit in order to get the best treatment and handling.

Then, do you know how much temperature is right for your bedroom? Maybe you will feel cold if the air temperature is too low and will feel too hot if the air temperature is too high. There are several ways you can find the right temperature for your bedroom.

– Set the initial temperature to 28 degrees Celsius. Hangan directly uses a low temperature because it will make the body need adaptation when facing cold temperatures. If the temperature is considered less precise, then you can get the right temperature by regulating the temperature gradually.

– If you’re really sleepy and will fall asleep. Then you should set the temperature by raising 2-3 degrees Celsius. This will make the body become more relaxed when sleeping.