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These are Causes Your Website’s Ranking Ranking Down

Usually, many people use SEO to increase traffic to their website or blog, especially if they use it as a business. However, what you need to know is that the ranking of your website can also decrease and cause your website to be a lonely reader. For that, you need to know what makes the ranking of the website is down, another thing you also need to know is to enhance your knowledge of utilizing satellite sites on medium to find various information about it..

Ranking your website or blog that decline can be caused by various things. The things that can cause it are

1. Update Algorithm
Over time, search engines will update their algorithm or search system better. For those of you who rely on customers from SEO, then this is your time to find a new technique, because sometimes when the update is done then the latest algorithm on the ranking of the website will decline. All you have to do is learn the technique or explanation of the latest algorithm and update the content regularly, and share your links with qualified and relevant websites.

2. The existence of Malware
If you have ever entered a web page that has a warning in it when you enter it, it means the website has been infected by a virus and will certainly aggravate the image of the website in the eyes of visitors who come and read on your website.

3. Duplicate Content
Google will hate websites that are very similar to other websites. If your website has the same content with other websites, then your website will not be found again. So, be careful in creating content on your website.
The three things you should always know and you understand to be able to get good ranking in search engines. In addition, you also have to understand about satellite websites that are also useful for your website. you can search all the information about it in the internet and find it easily.