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Cycling Tips for Pregnant Women To Stay Safe!

Cycling is one of the safest sports for pregnant women. This sport you can do if your pregnancy is not high risk. Therefore, to prevent it, it would be better if pregnant women use a static bike like best zwift trainer, for example, to keep it safe and not boring bike. In addition, there are several other ways for pregnant women to be safe while cycling, following his review!

1. Check the condition of the bike. Make sure everything is safe to minimize the risk of accidents.

2. Brakes should work well, enough tire pressure and not be leaking, and tires have not bald to still grip well.

3. Stretch and warm up before starting. Just five minutes by moving the head, neck, shoulders, chest, hands, thighs and legs.

4. Bike in the morning around 07:00 to 09:00 when the sun is not too hot to avoid dehydration due to overheating. In addition, ultraviolet B light is still good for bone health and vitamin D synthesis the fetus needs so you do not need sunscreen.

5. Replace the wider saddle so that the butt is not pained fast, and blood flow is not clogged due to weight pressure.

6. A lot of drinking to accelerate the expenditure of body heat due to increased activity of the muscles of the body. When body heat is not immediately released, it can cause congenital abnormalities in the nervous system and fetal spine system, especially during the first trimester.

7. Add a portion of the meal after cycling. While cycling you use about 150-200 Calories, while the weight of pregnant women should continue to grow so you need to replace the calories lost.

Immediately stop cycling if complaints arise, such as dizziness, palpitations, choking breaths, or pain in the back and hips. Also, stop if there is a contraction of the stomach. Exercise increases stress hormones that can trigger contractions. If 30 minutes after stopping the exercise, you still experience contractions, see your doctor immediately.