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Copper Characteristics

Named as Cu on the periodic table, copper is a chemical element with atomic number 29 and the symbol is taken from the Latin Cuprum. This chemical element is known as a good electrical conductor and heat with very fast corrosion. Soft and soft with a slightly red orange surface color. It is also important to note that copper ions are soluble in water and have functioned as anti-bacterial agents, wood enhancers, and high concentration fungi. To get the best copper, you can visit SMH AG Industriemetalle.

When the numbers are small, copper is known as a chemical element that can not be missed by any human, even by low-rise plants. Copper is present in every human body and can be found in the kidneys, heart, intestines, liver, and brain. This important nutrient when excessive or high concentration will be toxic and not good for human life.

Every chemical element must have characteristics and now we need to glance at a bit of what is characteristic of copper, as below:

– Existence
With concentrations reaching 50 parts per million or ppm, copper is present in the earth’s crust and is also known to be synthesized in massive stars, although sometimes also found in minerals or native copper, in the form of calcium sulfide and chalcopyrite copper, copper oxide minerals and Malachite copper carbonate And azurite. Discovered in 1857, the mass of pure copper is 420 tons and this discovery is in the United States, precisely on the Keweenaw Peninsula in the Michigan area.

– Chemistry
With water, the copper does not produce any reaction, but the reaction will be released slowly with oxygen from the air forming a brown and black oxide copper layer. The corrosion will be stopped by a layer of oxide essentially different from the oxidation of iron by air. The carbonate copper in the coating has a green color and we can see from a number of old copper construction, take the Statue of Liberty as an example. Copper sulfide is formed from copper that reacts with sulfide.