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How to keep your wet car battery stays in its good shape

Unlike a dry, maintenance-free battery, the wet battery requires routine maintenance to keep the performance up-to-date and durable. However, treating wet batteries is not just a filling of electrolyte fluid that decreases with usage. In the meantime, you can check out Garage Master Blog to find a guide for car battery changer.

Major service advisor Aki, Bintaro, in addition to the maintenance battery electric current source for the car, also involves the car.

Therefore, the charging current of the battery comes from the car’s alternator. Therefore, in order to keep electric current and durable battery, the maintenance also involves the car.

Many people complain that the car battery has not been used for a while but has been overwhelmed. In fact, regular water filling is done.

So what to do? Here are tips from us:

1. Perform routine checks

Check if there is a crack in the battery body, rust in the terminal, and make sure no wires are peeling. Immediately clean the rust, cover the peeling wires. Rust on the terminal causes a greater resistance load. As a result, the battery voltage will decrease. Should protect the battery terminal with a rubber cover.

2. Make sure the battery water in accordance with the size

Battery electrolyte liquid is an important part of the battery. It is the liquid that conducts electricity. Reduced fluid caused by evaporation due to engine heat. Water can also be reduced because there is damage.

3. Automate the engine regularly

We recommend heating the engine regularly, at least 10 minutes. It is intended that the electric current in the battery continues to be filled by the alternator so that conditions remain stable. As a result, the battery will last and its performance remains good.

4. Turn off all electronic devices before turning off the car

Should turn off all devices in cars that use electric current. It was intended that when the car turns on again, the electric current from the battery focused on the starter engine only. As a result, the battery will last longer and its performance is maintained.