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The methods of lighting in photography

There are two technical methods of lighting in photography and selfie that you need to know. You can utilize these methods in order for capturing the better pictures and selfies. Meanwhile, if you love to take your own selfies, check out luvostore.com.au to find the best selfie accessories that you can buy now.

Direct Light: A method of applying the fall of a light source directly directed to the subject surface. From this application will be seen clearly the direction of the arrival of light sources.

Reflected Light: A method of applying the fall of a light source not directly but by directing it to another field so that the light falling on the subject surface is reflected light. Because the light becomes smooth and flat then it does not look clear the direction of arrival.

In addition, there are also methods of utilizing light sources in photography that you need to know.

Available Light: Light that is already in set/location with the permanent condition and used for shooting. Circumstances that affect the light can be used both night and day (Night-Day)

 Artificial Light: Is an artificial light that can be used or is specially made for the needs of shooting but does not eliminate the impression NATURAL.

Practical Light: The light source we get from table lamp lights, street lamps, vehicle lights or room lights, etc. and in use for shooting purposes.

Pictorial Light: Application of lighting with BEAUTY impression there is a balance between key light, fill light, backlight, and background light.