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These are Two Types of Masks You Can Choose For Carnival

To attend a costume carnival, usually, you will be required to wear a complete costume with a mask that decorates your face. This is done to support the created event. For that, you will be required to wear the right karnevalové masky for you.

By wearing the right costumes and masks, then your appearance will look very attractive and liked by many people. If you are still confused to determine the right mask for your face, then you need me to know some of these masks.

1. Half Face Mask
This mask usually only covers the eyes and surrounding areas. This mask does not cover all faces but can make your appearance very different and look more interesting. Usually, this mask is also added with fur and glitter accents that can make it look more attractive.

2. Mask All Faces
If you want to use a mask that can convey your identity or you want a mask that depicts a cartoon character, then this type of mask can be an option. Using this type of mask your face will be completely covered.