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Research on Honey and Cancer

The truth about the hypothesis of honey to fight cancer is evidenced in research by scientists from the University of Illinois, United States, whose journal is published in the Journal of Apicultural Research. The study reveals the mystery of why honey to treat this cancer is very effective. Vitamin C and E in honey serve as an anti-oxidant free radical breeder. Free radicals as previously mentioned, is one cause or trigger cancer. For that, you can visit our website and find the Best manuka honey for cancer.

In the study also mentioned that farmers (especially honey consumed at the same time) rarely suffer from cancer because scientists tend to believe that the immune system of these honey breeders better in the face of cancer. Why is that? This ability arises due to the bees that enter the blood of the breeders for several times when they are stung while performing their duties. Some of the other scientists believe this is because the farmers run a healthy living program with honey by consuming every day contains royal jelly, although the amount is only a little, the perceived benefits are amazing. Not to mention the content of pollen alias bee pollen also contained in honey.

Royal jelly is a thick liquid that has a white color and is often called HI Potency Lyophilized Royal Jelly. This potential was first discovered in Dezhou, China. Royal jelly is produced by the process of the worker’s salivary gland (usually young bees producing honey). This special is dedicated to the queen of bees and the prospective queen of the bees (larvae). By consuming royal jelly, the queen bee can produce 1,000-1,500 eggs every day throughout life. Royal jelly is a content of nutrient-rich bees, bio-catalytic enzymes, high nitrogen-content proteins and natural hormones.

The content of lactic acid in honey is also one of the healing substances of cancer. Why? Because lactic acid is the content of lactobacilli substances that can serve as a barrier to the growth of cancer cells and tumor cells. By knowing the results of honey research to treat cancer then you certainly more helpful so as not to panic. That in cancer patients, there is a chance to recover in a more natural way and tend to be cheaper without the side effects of excess when compared with chemotherapy.