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How to deal with tooth caries

In the treatment of caries should see the condition of the tooth. local dental clinic   When a hole is formed in the tooth, the hole is cleared from caries that is brown colored and in the patch so as not to become a food place. But if the caries is still light, or still on the surface of teeth, it is necessary to clean it by scraping the caries part. This can all be done by the top area dentist.


The way of prevention to avoid caries is as follows:

Brushing teeth

Of course, this is very important to maintain oral hygiene. In brushing your teeth should use a good and correct way so brushing can be optimal. When you brush your teeth but still a lot of food left in the mouth is what causes dental caries.

Use fluoride paste

Choosing toothpaste is also important to support good dental health. To use a good paste is that contains mineral fluoride. These minerals will help mask the tiny, uneven holes in the tooth surface