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Choose the right visualization for your ads

If you use Facebook ads or google adwords the thing to do is to choose the display ads. whether to use the promotion of text, image or flash ads. This should be obvious because if not possible it will make you confused to target your ads. Some online marketing experts suggest that good and proper advertising is using images and text. the percentage of these ads is 35% for image ads, 45% for text ads and flash ads only occupy 15% only, So it’s clear how good ad campaigns are using interesting images and also interesting words for text and categories. Aside from that, the professionals like the jasa adwords will be able to help your advertising as well.

But so the target visitors will be more by using the promotion of text ads. Because the attractiveness of text ads is very capable to make visitors want to always see what is being promoted by the web or business. so if you want to improve your ad campaigns, you should use text ads that have interest in the reader.